Dr. Alex Pinchot, ND

Dr. Alex Pinchot

Dr. Pinchot is a Naturopathic Physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Oregon. He enjoys providing both primary care medicine for all ages and physical medicine for acute and chronic pain and injury. He approaches patient care by evaluating the underlying causes of health concerns and by addressing health concerns with a gentle, personalized, and effective combination of conventional and alternative healthcare.

Dr. Pinchot believes that the doctor serves as a guide and teacher to help a patient navigate the path of wellness. Dr. Pinchot combines current research with naturopathic therapeutic philosophy and treatment options to provide a wide range of therapeutic options to help guide patients through there acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Pinchot uses a wide range of modalities – from manual therapy, Kinesio Taping, injection therapies, and dietary modifications, to supplementation, herbs, and prescription medications. Dr. Pinchot is a Certified Kinesio Taping Professional with advanced training in osseous manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, gentle detoxification, pediatric medicine, men’s health, and injection therapies.

When away from the office Dr. Pinchot enjoys whitewater kayaking, rafting, ski patrolling and skiing powder, cooking nutritious food, and spending time in the rivers, mountains, and garden with his wife and two daughters.

Dr. Pinchot is excited to share the benefits of direct primary care and he looks forward to helping you restore and maintain your health and vitality.

About a year and a half ago I was in extreme pain from an old Achilles injury. It was affecting my blood
pressure and my ability to stay active. The injury was over 30 years old and I was not convinced he could help much. The very first treatment he was able to give me relief from pain. At the time I was forced to walk on my toes because the shortened tendon wouldn’t allow me to put my heels on the floor. The pain was better almost immediately. His gentle treatments were able to give me back my mobility as the tendons regained most of their stretchiness, and my foot placement improved greatly. The taping allowed me to stay very active while I was healing, plus it made me look very sporty at water aerobics. As my achilles improved he was able to work on other areas that were causing me problems. My hips, and shoulders mostly but also an old scar from gallbladder surgery. With each treatment my range of motion and posture improved. He has been a constant encouragement to stay active and to take care of myself. I love to hike and go for long walks. I walk to work every day. I do water aerobics and lift weights twice a week. I truly believe that without his help I would not be able to do these things anymore. I recommend him to everyone I know that is experiencing pain. Everyone! Many of my friends are now going to him as a testament to my constantly singing his praises.
— D.M.

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