For the price of a gym membership you can prioritize your health

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 Naturopathic approach

We see you as a whole person, and understand that you and your health story are unique. 

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90% of health concerns

Most of your medical needs can be managed in primary care. Let's work to prevent the other 10%. 

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Membership Based, with no surprises

Your membership covers the majority of your care. With clear, up front costs for any additional care you might need. 

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Access when and where you need it

Memberships include email, phone, video chat, in person visits, and hands-on therapies to help restore your active life.

An Integrative and Functional Approach to Care. 

join us in changing healthcare in the Columbia Gorge.

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All people are entitled to quality, affordable, and personalized healthcare. We value building lasting relationships with our patients that help to foster balance and a better quality of life.

Healthcare should be an engaging process.

How often have you gone to the doctor to discuss prevention, and living a better, cleaner life? How often have you truly been "seen" by your physician as a whole person? Health has many components; be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health, we all have some level of dis-ease and a desire to cultivate well-being. Rather than focusing on one symptom, we want to discuss the story of you and to help you to find balance.

Active Integrative Medicine is a membership-based naturopathic Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice in Hood River, Oregon. DPC practices charge a monthly fee in exchange for better access to the providers. This healthcare model is designed to be affordable and to provide the best cutting edge naturopathic medicine to our community. Our memberships give patients easy access to naturopathic care with unrestricted office visits, as well as discounts on labs and supplements, and more. In a DPC model, services are offered with no hidden costs or copays. Our naturopathic providers operate outside of the traditional insurance system, and do not accept insurance.